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We offer the State Mandated DUI Class and Alcohol/Drug Risk Reduction Class In-person and Live Stream.

In-person and Live Stream classes will be held weekly. Registration and pre-payment are required to attend any of our classes.

We Offer the Following Classes:

Drug/Alcohol Prevention Class

“Under Age” Alcohol/Drug Educational Prevention Class (8 hours) – $125

12 Hour Program – $145.00

16 Hour Program – $225.00

20 Hour Program – $300.00


FAQ for Alcohol/Drug Risk Prevention

Alcohol/Drug Risk Prevention

A+ DUI and Defensive Driving Schools, LLC is a certified and licensed health care facility teaching educational prevention classes for the State of Tennessee. We are licensed through the Tennessee Department of Health and teach the Prime for Life course provided by Prevention Research Institute (PRI). When you register to attend the Prime for Life prevention program you are on your first step in the right direction. Your decision to attend is a step forward in protecting the things YOU value in your life.

Please complete the registration form and someone from our company will respond to your registration with a confirmation email to confirm your class and give you the details of the location, date and time for scheduled attendance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 865-335-5286 or by email. Thank you for your registration and we look forward to serving your needs. See you at the class!

NOTICE: In order to complete our classes students must provided Identification at the time of registration sign-in. The following ID can be accepted: Driver’s License, ID Card, OR Social Security Card. Call for more details. Those without an ID may attend for educational purposes only. Our classes are recognized by courts in TN and accepted by out-of-state transferals.

PRIME For Life course details

Step 1 - Common Views and the New View

This unit establishes a personal perception of risk (it could happen to me – my choices determine whether or not it happens). Participants learn about risks that they can control and risks that they cannot control. This unit present a new way of thinking about, and preventing, alcohol and drug problems. It explores common views about the causes of alcohol problems, research that casts doubt on these common views, and the new view of alcoholism and impairment problems supported by research. Participants explore the things in life that are most important to them, and learn how their choices either protect or jeopardize those things.

Step 2 - Five Steps to Risk Reduction

The Five Steps to Risk Reduction teach participants how to estimate their biological risk (risks they cannot change), and based on that risk, what behaviors are low risk – both now and for the future. Students learn specific, individualized, research-based, age-appropriate quantity and frequency guidelines for alcohol use that reduce risk for all alcohol-related problems.

Step 3 - Risk Reduction and Drugs

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug, and public debate has often left young people confused about the risks. This unit makes the risks real and directly addresses the misinformation being disseminated by pro-use groups. This unit also presents a simplified overview of brain chemistry and how drug use affects this delicate balance, which often leads to a variety of problems. An optional section on cocaine extends the impact of the curriculum.

Step 4 - Phases of Use and Self-Assessment

Progression into alcoholism or drug dependence is not automatic. The self-assessment process in this unit teaches people what phase of use they are in. Content is presented in a way that participants “see” themselves which helps interrupt progression for people who have not developed alcoholism or drug dependence and prevents further deterioration for people who have.

Step 5 - Choose A Direction

Individual and group activities provide the opportunity to apply what has been learned, obtain support from others and prepare for personal change. Participants clearly identify ways that their choices have been either jeopardizing or protecting the most important things in their lives.

Step 6 - Plan to Succeed

Individual and group activities guide participants in developing a plan that helps them follow through with their commitment to making low-risk choices.

Step 7 - Intensive Plan to Succeed

Individual and group activities guide participants in understanding how they can avoid having future alcohol/drug problems by committing to their phase adjusted guidelines, and work to motivate participants to seek help through AA/NA, and/or other support services, and/or alcohol/drug treatment.


Alcohol/Drug Education Prevention Classes

PRIME for Life is the mandated Alcohol/Drug Educational Prevention class in the State of Tennessee. This program is researched evidence based and is presented by licensed and trained instructors and is licensed by the Tennessee Department of Health. The program was developed by the Prevention Research Institution (PRI) and is a non-profit educational organization. PRIME for Life is a risk reduction program. Classes are accepted in all courts as the required program for the client to meet DOT (Department of Transportation) requirements and state requirements.