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NOW OFFERING THE NATIONAL SAFETY COUNCIL STATE APPROVED LIVE STREAM CLASSES. This is an additional service to our regular scheduled classes that will be held according to the State/Guidelines/Restrictions that we are following. We offer the (8) and (4) hour classes.

Classes will be held weekly and pre-registration and pre-payment is required to attend.

For any questions, please call us directly (865) 335-5286

Defensive Driving Classes

We Offer the Following Classes:

Knoxville and Surrounding Counties

Weekdays, Weekends and Live Stream

4 – Hour Class $45.00
8 – Hour Class $55.00

4 – Hour Class $45.00
8 – Hour Class $70.00


FAQ for Defensive Driving



A+ DUI and Defensive Driving Schools, LLC currently serve counties in the East Tennessee area. We currently have (2) defensive driving classes per month in the Johnson City area and defensive driving classes in other counties on a weekly bases covering all counties in East Tennessee. Our Instructors have over 35 years of teaching experience and are devoted to providing the best driving instruction classes available.

Those that attend one of our defensive driving classes can choose the number of hours (4 or 8) and may attend the driving classes for various reasons. These classes are good for point removal, license reinstatement, insurance discounts, re-education or a refresher course.

The driving classes are certified by the Department of Safety and the National Safety Council. If you would like to register for one of our defensive driving classes for Johnson City, Knoxville or one of our other locations please complete the following information form or you may contact us by phone at 865-335-5286.

Class Topics

Here are some of the many topics we cover:

  1. Why is driving the “most dangerous thing we do”?
  2. Accident prevention formula and how to prevent problems before they happen.
  3. Rules, regulations and laws.
  4. Seat Belts – “Why wear it?”
  5. Road rage/aggressive driving – What are the causes and how to prevent it.
  6. Alcohol/Drugs – Why are drinking and doing drugs so dangerous?

National Safety Council Classes

The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course is the most taught Drivers’ Educational Program in the United States. It is one of two core curriculum programs recognized in the Courts in the State of Tennessee and many other states as well. This program is good for ticket removals, insurance reductions, and educational training. Our Instructors have over 30 years of teaching experience and are certified by the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and the National Safety Council. The primary purpose of this class is to reduce the risk related to accidents, injuries and deaths. This is not a one-on-one behind the wheel class. This class is taught in a class room setting by trained professional Instructors. No other driver improvement course has a higher rate of success in reducing the severity and frequency of collisions for those that attend.

NOTICE: In order to complete our classes students must provided Identification at the time of registration sign-in. The following ID can be accepted: Driver’s License, ID Card, OR Social Security Card. We are licensed through the National Safety Council and are State certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Call for details.