National Safety Council
Prime for Life
TN Department of Safety

Frequently Asked Questions for the Drug/Alcohol Prevention Educational Courses:

Q- Is the program you teach the State of Tennessee Mandated Program PRIME for Life?

A- Yes, Our Company was one of the first in Tennessee to offer the PRIME for Life classes and our Instructors are trained by PRIME for Life and licensed through the Department of Health.

Q- Once I complete the required class when will I receive my certificate of completion?

A- When you have met all the requirements for attending the class, you will receive your certificate the same day of completion.

Q- How often do you hold classes?

A- Every weekend except Holiday schedule dates- visit our calendar to see posted dates.

Q- Do you offer any discounts?

A- For groups, companies or large organizations.

Q- How may I contact A + DUI and Defensive Driving Schools for more questions?

A- Our contact number is 865-335-5286 or e-mail us with question(s) and we will reply within 24 hours of contact

Q- Why do people attend a DUI program?

A- Most people that attend have been directed to do so by the local courts, others attend at the advice of their attorney.

Q- Does this class provide alcohol/drug assessments?

No – We refer our assessments to John Quillen. He can be reached at (865) 579-4443.

Q- Does your company provide drug testing and short-term placement services?

A- Our referral company can perform this service.

Q- Do you do out-of-state transfers for your program?

A- Yes. Many of our clients are referred to us from out-of-state organizations.